Work In Progress

I'm Currently illustrating a children's book titled "A Halloween Story" written by author Scott Lisbin. 
I'm so excited to be working on this because Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays ever since I was a kid and used to make homemade costumes with my brothers.......Pirates, gypsies, vampires and hobos!

My deadline is creeping up and I'm so excited to see the final product for this.  

Also, just finished illustrating a book cover for a story about wizards, magic, detectives, and murder mystery for Egmont USA Publishers.... and will post the images as soon as I get the green light. Can't wait!

On another note,  I really have a hankering appetite for beer floats lately.
Chocolate stout..............something I can't get enough of :X


Scott said...

Looking really good!!! On the beer float tip, Ballast Point Victory at Sea Coffee Vanilla Porter float needs to happen!

Anna Topuriya said...

These look great Josie

Eunice San Miguel said...

candy and eyeballs!
love these, Josie.

Josie Portillo said...

Thanks guys!

[live the moment] said...

Josie Congrats! Keep up the great work you do and best of luck with the project.

Laura Callaghan said...

These are so amazing!

Josie Portillo said...

Thanks for the comments! :]