New Blog!

Hello fellow artists, friends and wonderful folks who come from great distances to visit my blog!
I have jumped onto the Tumblr band wagon, which means I have a NEW BLOG!
Hope to see you there! :]


Fran Court said...

Hello! I've featured some of your artwork on my blog! www.magicfran.tumblr.com
I featured your piece to raise some more attention for art for japan which was placed on the illustration radar, heres the link
http://magicfran.tumblr.com/post/5457136413 I think I have a few more pieces in my queue of your work (it's all credited and linked back to you)Would you like me to add in your new tumblr address to them?

Josie Portillo said...

Hi Fran! That would be great!
Thanks so much for sharing my blog/artwork! Very humbling!