The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow

Lately,  I've been experimenting with a lot of traditional and digital mediums a lot more than ever and I feel it's resulted in a lot of variation in my work. Which I'm pretty happy about......As long as I can keep my style consistent of course!  

This painting was based on the most heart breaking story I have ever read, "The Trail of your Blood in the Snow," by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and will be part of a personal series titled "Collected Stories." More to come Soon!! :]

I'm also really Excited because next month I will be an exhibiting artist at the Bluecanvas Issue 9 launch event  in Downtown LA.  And, to top things off I will also be a featured artist in their Issue 9 magazine! Click this link for more info.

AND I will also be part of the Force Fields art exhibit on July 2 in Santa Monica. This will be a benefit show in order to raise money in the fight against malaria in Africa.  I will be providing more details about this show soon!


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